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Travel Vaccinations


Dr Charles Piao – Travel Health Doctor & GP

Bookings: 07 3300 1900

Travelling overseas? Travelling can expose you to serious infectious diseases that do not occur in Australia. You can protect yourself by becoming vaccinated against diseases that are more common overseas. Vaccines are usually very safe with only minor side effects.

Here are 3 things to consider before you go….

TIP 1: Choose the ‘right’ Doctor

Make sure you talk to an experienced travel health doctor, so you are well prepared before you leave.

Not all doctors provide travel vaccines or travel advice. Dr Charlie at Walton Bridge Medical Centre Waterworks Road can provide you with professional advice depending on where you are travelling to. You may need to meet certain health requirements to enter and exit your destination. For example, some countries require proof that you’ve had a yellow fever vaccination. You may need proof of certain vaccinations to enter and exit some countries. Some airlines and cruise lines require evidence before you board.

TIP 2: Don’t leave your vaccine appointment to the last minute

Visit your doctor at least 6 weeks (and preferably 12 weeks) before you leave Australia, to receive any vaccines you might need for travel. If travel vaccines are required, this will allow enough time to make sure our clinic has them in stock. Getting your vaccine at the right time will also allow your body time to build up immunities against the virus.

Dr Charlie's pre-travelling consultation booking can be quite complicated and therefore patients are required to phone the reception desk for booking, instead of booking on line. Ph: 07 3300 1900

Dr Charlie doesn't just discuss vaccination at the pre-travelling consultation, but also covers malaria prophylaxis and self management of traveller's diarrhoea, and the treatment of mammal animal bites. Hence the consultations need to be longer ones along with nurses appointments. Families are encouraged to come at one appointment to save their fees on consultation.

  • Single patient: please book a 30min appointment
  • 2 patient family: please book a 60 min appointment
  • For families of 3 or more, please book a 75 min appointment.

Dr Charlie usually charges an appointment fee for the first two patients then bulk bills remaining family members. You can either choose to have vaccines at your first consultation or return for vaccination later. Dr Charlie will bulk bill all subsequent vaccination appointments.

TIP 3: Learn about the countries you are visiting

Before you go on your holiday, take some time to research the different countries you’re travelling to so you are aware of any local health issues, laws and customs. This can also help you determine what level of health insurance cover you may need. You can start your research here:

Travel vaccinations available at Walton Bridge Medical Centre include:

  • hepatitis A and hepatitis B
  • cholera
  • chickenpox (varicella)
  • COVID-19
  • typhoid
  • yellow fever
  • tuberculosis (TB)
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • meningococcal disease
  • measles
  • influenza (flu)
  • tetanus
  • rabies

What’s the cost for travel vaccinations?

Travel vaccine costs can vary depending on various factors such as the healthcare provider’s fees, Medicare rebates and which vaccine you need. Additionally, some travel vaccines may require multiple doses for full protection, which can affect the overall cost. For specific vaccine cost information, please call our medical centre directly on 07 3300 1900

Some private health funds cover this too, so it might be worth checking with your insurer.

For more information about each of travel vaccines, you might like to visit the Smart Traveller website here

After Hours

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